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The nature of work is changing every day—and successful organizations change with it. Vectramind was founded in 2006 to power that transformation. By leveraging the latest advancements in cloud technology and intelligent computing, we enable our partners to stay one step ahead of the curve, adapting the way they connect, communicate, engage, and ultimately compete.


With the Vectramind expertise in AI, solutions design and development, and a passion for improving how healthcare is experienced, Firstpass patient experience and engagement platform was born. Firstpass decreases patient wait times, progressively generating efficiencies across health systems, hospitals, or outpatient practices. Firstpass:

  • Is AI Driven
  • Anticipates delays, and routes patients around them in real-time
  • Provides automated patient support access across the care continuum, with automated notifications keeping the patient up to date on their journey
  • Captures the patient happiness via surveys in real-time and at each check-in point in the journey
  • Bends the cost curve of healthcare by creating a care ecosystem for patients to easily complete their journeys and offer higher patient experience scores
  • Real-time governance with administrative dashboards that drill down into data for continuous improvement
  • Customizable decision support based on each organization’s operations
  • Seamless integrations with many levels of EHR maturity