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Unified Health Net

Unified Health Net

Unified Health Net (UHN) is a cloud-based healthcare software solution that can cater to the needs of Homecare, Home Health Services (Skilled/Non-skilled Nursing), Long Term Care and Clinics.

The mission of our web-based solution Unified Health Net is for safe and efficient patient management.

Product Info

Our cost-effective web-based system with EHR, scheduling, clinical assessments forms, e-prescription and medpass are designed to provide real-time access for healthcare professionals for managing their patients anytime, anywhere.

Unified e- MAR, the clinical module of Unified Health Net puts all the capabilities of documenting med pass at your fingertips as well as entering prescriptions and editing patient information. Also, with superior vitals, pain level and location recording, Unified e- MAR enables doctors and caregivers/nurses with more accurate information to track and manage better patient care. Our mandate is to provide organizations with a simple and intuit system with multiple functionalities that will aid you in our collective number one goal: excellent patient care. Facilities using a perfect clinical system have documented a 33% reduction in medication administration errors, as well as a reduction of 45% in documentation time.

Real Time Dashboard

Unified e-MAR provides physicians and nurses/non-physicians a comprehensive dashboard that shows important agendas at a glance. Here, they can view a list of tasks embedded in their customizable calendar. This way, they can see what they need to do in one screen, allowing them to immediately take action on outstanding matters.

Simplified Note-Taking

With Unified e-MAR, health staff are able to make notes regarding their patient encounters with ease. It includes all relevant patient information such as their Prescribed Medications, Daily Nurse Notes, Care Plans, Document Management, Vitals and Growth Charts, Clinical Evaluation Forms etc.

Real Time Medpass

Right Patient. Right Medication. Right Dosage. Every Time.

Unified e-MAR MedPass system is specifically designed to eliminate the margin of human error in administration of pills in long-term-care/home care facilities.

Shift changes, new patients, illegible handwriting, hectic schedules…all can result in errors when administering solid medication to patients.

Paperless Workflows

Unified e-MAR provides an efficient work platform for healthcare workers. Because the solution is cloud-based, health staff can take it anywhere with them while they make their rounds and consult with patients. Any note they have to take they can record immediately in the application, thus effacing disorganized paper processes.

Quick Superbill Creation

With this module, the insurance co-ordinator can populate superbills with ease. Once a patient’s assessment is keyed into the nurse’s schedules chart, Unified e-MAR automatically creates bills. On the other hand, staff can choose to manually enter the diagnosis or code for the visit. Not only does this save them time, it also prevents them from exerting more effort with the automated processes. The claims can be submitted to the insurance companies in just one click.

Secure Communications

Unified e-MAR offers a secure way for nurses, physicians and other health workers to communicate with each other. This ensures that sensitive practice and patient information remain within the confines of the application.

Unified Health Net helps healthcare organizations and agencies thrive by improving clinical outcomes, business performance, and compliance. Unified Health Net software can help simplify the clinical process, reduce paperwork and administrative overhead, and improve the quality of care.