Patient Success Strategies

Patient Success Strategies

Patient Success Strategies: Making Patient-Centred Care Profitable 

Patient Success Strategies ( is an independent consulting firm specializing in results-driven and human-centric Patient Experience (PX) change management. We collaborate with a diverse range of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics, medical device companies, health and wellness businesses, home healthcare, nursing homes, digital health, and health insurance companies.

We specialise in helping healthcare organisations to improve patient experiences through strategic change initiatives involving frontline staff and leadership. With a unique combination of change management expertise, design thinking facilitation, and structured problem-solving, we help you foster a patient-centric culture and deliver exceptional care that yields tangible results. 

Through bespoke consulting engagements, advisory services, workshops, and training, we deliver:

– Enhanced Patient Journeys: We create patient journeys that result in increased engagement, improved patient retention, and a higher number of referrals.

– Engaged Frontline Staff: Our approach fosters a more engaged healthcare workforce, leading to reduced turnover costs and better patient interactions.

– Stakeholder Alignment: We ensure alignment around PX, translating patient-centric efforts into measurable financial results. 

Our approach is defined by collaboration and incorporates patient journey mapping as a technique to engage frontline healthcare staff in building better patient experiences. We firmly believe that patient experience is a collective responsibility, and involving healthcare workers in the process nurtures empathy and compassion. 

Founder and Principal, Erika Behl: With nearly two decades of experience in management consulting, sales, and customer success leadership, Erika is the driving force behind Patient Success Strategies. Having worked with Fortune 100 companies in the energy industry across 20 countries and transformed a global customer success team for a SaaS business, she brings unparalleled expertise to the healthcare domain. Based in Singapore, Erika is on a mission to demonstrate that patient-centred care not only benefits patients and healthcare workers but also contributes to a healthier bottom line. 

At Patient Success Strategies, we are committed to making patient-centred care a profitable reality for healthcare organisations. Partner with us to elevate your patient experience and drive success in today’s healthcare landscape.