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Medtronic Integrated Health Solutions

Medtronic Integrated Health Solutions

Meet Medtronic Integrated Health Solutions  

Integrated Health Solutions (IHS) builds on Medtronic‘s unique combination of capital resources, process optimization expertise and therapy knowledge. IHS partners with hospitals and clinics across CEMA, offering solutions that help care providers optimize costs and outcomes while driving higher value and patient satisfaction. In cooperation with medical institutions, IHS develops innovative services and solutions to improve efficiency, reduce costs, facilitate patients’ access to different types of treatment, and improve outcomes.

We partner with hospital management and medical leaders to transform care pathways and clinical operations, with a shared goal of improving efficiency and outcomes, increasing patient and staff satisfaction, and optimizing costs.

We engineer breakthrough technologies that unlock new healthcare possibilities, seeking to advance the full spectrum of care. From optimizing existing treatments to reimagining healthcare standards.
Our line of sight encompasses the complete healthcare system; Costs, Outcomes, Efficiencies, everything is factored into the equation.
Creating solutions that aren’t just integrated, they’re elevated.

We deliver better outcomes for our world by advancing healthcare technology in emerging markets.
Our progress is driven by constant innovation that creates new markets and growth opportunities.