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Emirates Nursing Association

Emirates Nursing Association

The Emirates Nursing Association (ENA) is a non-profit organization which was founded on 22nd January 2003 under the statement number (65) by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the United Arab Emirates. It was established and exists exclusively to strengthen the nursing profession in the United Arab Emirates. The ENA has been a member of the International Nursing Council (ICN) since May 2005.


The ENA will be recognized nationally and internationally for its leadership role in promoting and developing the profession of nursing and for supporting nurses to deliver high quality care in the UAE.


The Emirates Nursing Association advances the nursing profession by promoting professional development of nurses by:

  • Fostering high standards of nursing practice.
  • Promoting the safety and well-being of nurses in the workplace. Thereby enhancing the health of the public.

The Emirates Nursing Association organizes many activities which include organizing scientific conferences, seminars and continuing education sessions and it participates in various local and international events.