An Interview with Danny Hage

Danny Hage, Senior Advisor Customer Experience – Council for Health Insurance

1. How would you define “Value-based-Healthcare”

Value-based Healthcare for me is the appropriate care for the indicated person provided at the right time against reasonable cost.

2. What steps your leadership has taken to better integrate and enhance the delivery of exceptional patient experience

We measure and represent the voice of the patient, focussing on their Experience and Care Outcome. Together with the clinical outcome, this will define if the care provided is adding value for these patients.

3. How do you think medical insurance regulations and policies can effect patient experience strategies for organization?

If you build your medical insurance packages based on the principles of Value-Based Healthcare with clear focus on value for money, Healthcare providers will be supported and funded to deliver the appropriate care for the indicated person at the right time.

4. How do you address the challenge of alignment – organizational culture, healthcare outcomes, service delivery and patient experience. How do you prioritise?

Before we can actually say we are delivering Value-Based Healthcare we firstly have to define WHAT value is, you do this by measuring the outcome across the sector and Benchmark. So firstly, define Value, agree on standard of care and change culture, enhance and improve care based on individual performance. This is a continuous cycle.

5.How do you think participants will benefit by attending 3rd Annual Patient Experience Excellence Congress?

Attending the 3rd Annual Patient Experience will give the participants the opportunity to learn best practices how to apply the voice and experience of their customer will support them to build Value based Healthcare. Actively participate in this change by joining the discussions and workshop will help to learn from each other.